There’s no book on dealing with the ‘grow up’. How do you embrace your child getting older? I know for Jett, I’m a very hands on type of mom and I like things done my way. But he’s been in this stage of wanting to do things himself, like brush his own teeth, change his own clothes, even SWEEP🧹the house (no lie😂). I’ve been letting go lately and trying to become more open to him doing his own thing. With the brushing the teeth, i do morning and he does nights, I let him choose his afternoon clothes to play outside,and I let him sweep and move all the furniture whenever he feels lol. And even with praying, I used to guide his prayers and make him repeat me, but lately I’ve been asking him what he wants to pray about and leaving it at that. I’m learning. It’s a process to help him reach this independency thing he’s on. 

I’d love to interact with my mommas. Feel free to comment and engage in convo with me on these topics! 💙🧡

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